Begin by knowing what you are looking for. Know the general area you are looking in and have an idea if you are looking for a new or older home, how big, how many bedrooms and bathrooms. Are you willing to renovate? Are schools or hospitals important? What special features do you need or want? Further it is always a good idea to pre-qualify for a mortgage so you know the price range you should look in.Now your search begins. I can help you by screening available properties to ensure they meet your needs. I will provide you with important local information including real estate values, taxes, utility costs, services, and amenities and be with you to write your offer and manage negotiations.

Once you find a home that suits you, you will have to make an offer. Your offer, once accepted by the vendor is a legally binding contract, but you may safeguard yourself with “subjects”, eg offer subject to sale of purchasers home. These subjects protect you against unforseen circumstances. The vendor may accept your offer, as is, reject your offer totally, or counter offer.After your offer is accepted you will need to arrange a home inspection. You will also need to arrange for homeowners insurance and finalize the mortgage, which will include an appraisal for your lender performed by a certified real estate appraiser.

You will require a lawyer to arrange the conveyancing. The lawyer will work out your share of property taxes, utility bills, including such items as oil left in the tank, etc. On closing day, you will meet at your lawyers office to go over and sign all the necessary paperwork.Once completed the home is yours to move into!